Order Wisely®: Appropriate use of tests & treatments

A leading principle of high-value practice is avoidance of unnecessary tests and treatments in accordance with established clinical practice guidelines. To reinforce this practice, we designed a full-day educational program that reviews appropriate use of imaging exams, lab tests, medications, transfusions and procedures. An understanding of the evidence behind appropriate ordering and prescribing is important to change long-standing practice habits and overcome concerns about missed diagnoses. Included are presentations on best imaging exam selection for the 8 CMS Priority Clinical areas, to ensure that providers are prepared for the CMS Appropriate Use Program, which will include evaluation of their ordering appropriateness beginning in January 2020.

Appropriate Imaging for CMS AUC Priority Clinical Areas* & more

Headache* | Sachin Gujar, MBBS, MD

Dizziness | Ari Blitz, MD, PhD

Traumatic neck pain* | Ari Blitz, MD, PhD

Low back pain* | Gary Gong, MD

Shoulder pain* | Shivani Ahlawat, MD, PhD

Acute hip pain* | Shadpour Demehri, MD, PhD

Acute chest pain* | Jeff Trost, MD

Pulmonary embolism* | Pamela Johnson, MD

Abdominal pain | Pamela Johnson, MD (30 min)

Managing incidental findings on body imaging | Pamela Johnson, MD

Radiation exposure from CT: Facts vs. myths | Mahadaveppa Mahesh, MD, PhD

Best practice breast imaging (screening, mass, pain) | Lisa Mullen, MD

Lung cancer (known or suspected)* | Cheng Ting Lin, MD (30 minutes)

High Value Hospital Medicine

Low value labs | Mike Borowitz, MD, PhD

Inpatient hypertension | Andrew Parsons, MD

Hospital acquired acute kidney injury | George Hoke, MD

Noneurologic syncope | Lenny Feldman, MD

TIA & stroke | Toyin Idowu, MD

Optimizing catheters (peripheral IVs, PICCs & midlines) | David Bozaan, MD

C difficile testing | Clare Rock, MBBCh

Urine cultures: Do’s and don’ts | Valeria Fabre, MD

Targeted antibiotics for lower respiratory tract infection | Jenny Townsend, MD

Cellulitis & mimics: imaging and antibiotics | Jenny Townsend, MD

Paraneoplastic syndrome: labs & PET | John Probasco, MD, PhD

Transfusions | Steve Frank, MD

VTE prophylaxis | Brandyn Lau, MPH