High Value Care Dissemination Road Map

Authors: Neil Keshvani, MD, Department  of Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern and Arjun Gupta, MD, Department of Oncology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

In keeping with our mission to build a body of evidence around high value health care, this resource details dissemination avenues for value-based quality improvement publications and presentations.


Academic Medicine

The American Journal of Medicine

Advancing High Value Health Care is a recently launched series in AJM with the advantage of great flexibility in structuring the format. Formal instructions here and here.  Here is a recently published article about performing CBC’s vs CBC’s with differentials.

American Journal of Medical Quality


Annals of Internal Medicine


BMJ Quality and Safety

Excellent journal with several relevant sections for value-based QI manuscript submission.

Health Care: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation

This quarterly journal publishes work related to health care innovation, including QI research and care redesign

International Journal for Quality in Health Care

JAMA Internal Medicine: Less is More  

JAMA Internal Medicine: Teachable Moments
We see overuse/ underuse every day and getting a publication in a high-impact journal never hurts. These are short (800 word, 5 references, 3 authors maximum) write-ups describing a real case ‘Story from the front lines’ (approximately 200 words) with a discussion following. Patient consent is required. This series is specifically for trainees to publish (first author must be a trainee) so is a great opportunity! See here for formal instructions. Per their website, ‘’Our series aims to educate clinicians about the harms of over and underuse of care in everyday practice. Given this, we prefer more common cases rather than “case reports” of very rare conditions.’’ The Choosing Wisely recommendations are a great place for ideas.

JAMA Performance Improvement

JAMA launched this series in 2016 and less than 10 articles have been published. It is an approximately 1500 word article describing a real case (patient and hospital consent needed) where error occurred with a root cause analysis and steps to correct the errors. A pre-submission inquiry is needed; can run ideas by Dr. Livingston, Deputy Editor, JAMA at edward.livingston@jamanetwork.org. Since these need a pre-submission inquiry, formal instructions on the JAMA website are lacking but a fair idea of their needs can be assessed by reading a couple of their previous cases.

The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety

Journal for Healthcare Quality

Journal of Graduate Medical Education

Journal of Hospital Medicine: Choosing Wisely® Things We Do For No Reason

These are also relatively short articles (1500 words, 150-word abstract, 1 table, 15 references) that describe practices (tests, procedures, management strategies) that may be poorly supported by evidence or which have become part of standard practice based despite the availability of less expensive or higher value alternatives. These articles need a pre-submission inquiry so email the Managing Editor at jhospitalmedicine@jjeditorial.com with a 500-word proposal of the topic. Formal instructions here.

As an example, the article starts with a case scenario (eg- patient presenting with melena, FOBT +) followed the evidence (or lack of it) of using FOBT in acute GI bleeds, alternatives to it and its limited correct application in cancer screening.

Journal of Hospital Medicine: Choosing Wisely® Next Steps

Quality Management in Health Care

Costs of Care: Creating Value Challenge

Costs of Care, in partnership with the ABIM foundation holds an annual ‘challenge’ where one can submit innovative ideas and projects for teaching and implementing high value care among collaborative teams of clinicians, educators, quality improvement specialists, and health system administrators.

From their website, “Health care professionals from any discipline and level of training are invited to submit short abstracts that either describe a project they have already implemented or an idea for a project they believe could have promise in delivering better care at a lower cost.”

Costs of Care: Annual Story Contest

Costs of Care has launched a “Story Contest” to illuminate the importance of cost-awareness in healthcare. Everyone with a firsthand experience with the healthcare system has noticed both challenges and opportunities to make care safer and more affordable. Costs of Care is inviting patients and families, clinicians, students, and administrators to share their real-life stories. Over the years, Costs of Care has collected over 500 real stories, many of which have been featured in the major media and have been used by leading healthcare organizations such as the Institute of Medicine. Entries for this should open soon.

HVPAA CDS Repository

NEJM Catalyst

NEJM Catalyst articles, case studies, video talks, and events are organized around key themes impacting health care today — patient engagement, care redesign, the new marketplace, and leadership. They welcome original, instructive content that demonstrates innovative ideas and solutions for improving health care. Instructions here.


HVPAA 2019

Hospital Medicine 2020 (HM20), April 15-18, San Diego

Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) holds this conference with a Scientific Abstract and Poster Competition, known as Research, Innovations, and Clinical Vignettes (RIV). Special trainee awards/ scholarships available. Deadline to submit is the first week of December, 2019

State ACP meeting

Each ACP regional abstract competitions now has a HVC section. Please check out your state ACP website. Example


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has an excellent review of where to submit quality improvement on their website